$100,000 Lucky Draw Match Game

$100,000 Lucky Draw Match Game
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 to Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturdays in January / 5pm - 8pm

$10,000 SLOTPLAY Top Prize
Every Saturday at 5PM, 6PM 7PM, and 8PM a 5 card house hand will be drawn. Goal: To match the cards in your Hand(s) to the House Hand. A Hand consists of 5 cards. A Card consists of a number and a card symbol or Suit. You must match both the number and the Suit to have a match, and the matching cards should be in the same Hand.

Match 2 Cards for $50 SLOTPLAY
Match 3 Cards for $100 SLOTPLAY
Match 4 Cards for $1,000 SLOTPLAY
Match all 5 Cards for $10,000 SLOTPLAY

Watch for your postcard in the mail or get your 5 card hand when you earn 500 Tier Credits. A ticket with your Hand may be printed at the kiosk on Fridays from 6PM to 9PM.
All prizes will be paid in SLOTPLAY.



For more details please visit any of our kiosks.