Executive Producer Gift

Sunday, May 23  /  4pm - 6pm

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS receive a free gift. Print your ticket at any kiosk on the boat and redeem at the Pavilion OR choose $30 Slotplay.

While Supplies Last.

Swipe and Win

Saturdays in May / 2pm - 10pm

Swipe your Premier Club card at any kiosk on the boat for a chance to win SLOTPLAY up to $5000! VIPs can swipe their Premier Club card for Free. Premier members can activate their swipe after earning 1 Tier Credit that day.

spin to win

Fridays in May / 6PM - 9PM

You could win a gift or up to $5,000 in SLOTPLAY just by playing our Spin to Win kiosk game!
Executive Producers, Producers, and Celebrities will play for FREE. Premier members can earn 1 Tier Credit to activate their spin.

Only on Kiosks on the boat. Gifts can be claimed at the 3rd floor Promotions Desk. Not every game wins.
money tree

Thursdays in May  /  2pm - 10pm

Every Game is a WINNER!  You could win up to $1000 SLOTPLAY. Executive Producers, Producers, and Celebrities will play for FREE. Premier members can earn 1 Tier Credit that day to activate your game.

Play at any kiosk on the boat.

digital offers

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hollywood jackpot celebration

May 1 - 31

Win a taxable jackpot ($1200 and above) and receive an entry into Hollywood's Jackpot Celebration! You could win up to $2000 in SLOTPLAY!
Drawing on Sunday, June 6, 2021 from 4pm - 5pm.

New Member

Join the Premier Club
Play $10, get a free spin on the kiosk.

Every Spin is a Winner of Slotplay or Comp Cash!

Birthday Prize Wheel
Take a Free spin on the birthday prize wheel at any kiosk located on the boat during the week of your birthday to win some great prizes like Slotplay or Comp Cash. EVERY SPIN WINS!
Top Prize $1,000 SLOTPLAY
50 plus club

Every Wednesday on the thrid floor of the casino.
noon - 2pm

Starting at 11am, print your FREE ENTRY at any boat kiosk and drop it into the drawing drum for a chance at $50 OR $100 SLOTPLAY. Earn 100 Tier Credits to get 1 additional entry. Earn up to 5 additional entries! 2 winners drawn every 15 minutes.

Patrons may win more than once if they have multiple entries. Must be 50+. Must be a Premier Club member.
All prizes paid in Slotplay®. 

50 plus club

Wednesdays / 8am - 4pm

Seniors, choose a Breakfast Wrap, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Tuna Sandwich,Hot Dog or BLT with chips, cookie/candy and a drink for only $2.49 at the Take Two Deli! Just present your Premier Club Card and ID at the Take Two Deli.

Must use Comp Cash. Must be 50+.